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Chelsfield Turf & Topsoil Lawn Doctor

Do you need help with your lawn? Here are our top points for maintaining a healthy new lawn.

Proper lawn care, regular mowing and watering is vital for maintaining the health of your lawn.

Here are our 3 top tips for a new lawn:

Once the lawn is laid it will need to be regularly watered until the roots establish themselves, but take special care to avoid watering too much.

Try to water in the early morning or evening. Cuts and joints in the lawn's layers need not be worried about, this will all knit together in a few weeks

Do not walk on the newly laid lawn except for watering, and give it time to knit together.

New lawns should be mowed the second or the third week after turf installation.

Frequent mowing is important in the ongoing maintenance as it thickens the lawn, conserves soil moisture and helps to remove weeds.

Make sure the blades in your mower are sharp as uneven cuts by blunt blades will make the grass vulnerable to pests and disease, the ideal blade height being between three and four inches.

Take care that the grass is not wet when mowing. Do not cut more than one third of the grass leaf at one time.

When grass is mowed frequently the clippings left behind are small and degrade rapidly, so it is a good idea to return clippings to the lawn rather than bagging them.

Care should be taken to use the right type and amount, do not use excessive quantities of fertilisers on your lawn, four doses of nourishment a year; in spring, summer, autumn and after the first frost is perfect for a healthy lawn.

Grass clippings contain the same nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as expensive fertilisers and can cut the cost of nourishing the lawn by one third!

Thanks for all the hard work guys, the wife and I are very happy with our new lawn and the view out of the kitchen window is now much better! Mr. D Pickett (Orpington)